The official home of the Alert Fire Co. #1

Saint Clair Fire Department

Columbia Hose Company # 2

Company Officers
Captain John Desjardine
Lieutenant Floyd Kimmel
Chief Engineer Frank Uhrin
Asst Engineer Marty Sterner

The Columbia Hose Company # 2 of Saint Clair is located at Front and Lawton Streets in the Borough. Their building currently houses both Engine 701 and Engine 702, a 1972 Mack CF-600 1000 GPM Pumper. Columbia is currently working with the Alert Fire Co. # 1 to better staff E-702, as the growing need for consolidation exists in the borough with too many companies and not enough manpower. Since most of our incidents call for a two engine response we found it easier to have both in the same building for now.

Rescue H&L Company # 3

Company Officers
Captain Jim Hale
1st Lieutenant Pat Reed
2nd Lieutenant Tom Kaledas

The Rescue H&L Company # 3 is located on North Second Street in the borough. They house a 65 ft mid mount ladder truck with a 350 GPM pump/300 gal tank (Ladder 703) and a medium duty walk-in rescue complete with cascade system (Rescue 707). The Hookies hold an annual block party every Memorial Day weekend.

West End Fire Company # 5

Company Officers
Captain Luke Moyer
Lieutenant Brad Johnson
Forest Fire Warden Tom Johns

The West End Fire Company # 5 of Saint Clair is located in the Arnot's Addition section of the borough, located west of SR-61 bordering New Castle Twp. West End operates as an engine company with Engine 705, a 1978 American LaFrance 1500 GPM Pumper as well as a wildfire crew with Brush 705, a 1986 Chevy Pickup refurbed into a brush truck with its own water supply and pump. Brush 705 is also State Certified in Wildland Firefighting. Fire Department Chief 700 Tom Johns is also a member of the West End.

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