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Miscellaneous Incidents

Here are a few pics from different incidents. First one is the last "big one" in town, then a vehicle fire followed by an automatic alarm at Neuman Apartments in which there was a stovetop fire that required ventilating the first floor, and finally a crash in town.

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"Suspicious" Wadesville Fires

This is one of several fires which occurred in the village of Wadesville in New Castle Twp in 2001/2002.
Most dwellings where abandoned due to mining operations being done by a local coal company who owned the land.
No interior attacks where performed due to this, for the safety of the firefighters working these jobs.

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Wagner Industries Fire

June 26, 2002 - Action photos from West Mahanoy Twp, Frackville Industrial Park at Wagner Industries, which produced polyurethane rollers. Agencies from around the county responded including Tower and Engine 701. As you can see, it was one of our towers first jobs, prior to refurbishment.

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MVA- bus vs pick up truck

April 20, 2002 - Engine 701 responded along with a multi agency response to SR-209 in East Norwegian Township for a crash involving a bus from the Pottsville Are School District and a pick up truck. No one was seriously injured on the bus, however the driver of the pick up was killed.

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Tower responds to special assignment

June 7, 2002 - Tower 701 & Chief 700-B were requested by PSP Reedsville to respond to Tunnel Road, East Norwegian Twp. for a special assignment. Additional information provided by the 911 Center was of a possible body recovery in a swamp. This just coming a couple days before the tower was utilized for a body recovery in New Castle Twp. in which the body layed approx 60 ft up on a rock ledge in a stripping pit after falling 400+ ft. Upon arriving and going into service, we quickly realized it was a prosthetic leg which had come to rest perfectly in the water appearing as if it were a body. Looks like someone got a leg up on us!

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